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Partners in Education

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Mission and Goals

Glynn County's Partners in Education (Glynn PIE) provides organized opportunities for the public and private sectors of our community to combine resources to meet the challenges of educating our youth.

The partnership program is designed to improve education by stimulating increased community involvement to achieve the following goals:

  • To promote student achievement and encourage students to remain in school;
  • To enhance the instructional program of the schools;
  • To extend student awareness of career opportunities and requirements;
  • To recognize and encourage the efforts of educational personnel; and
  • To exchange knowledge about partners' institutions and their contributions to the community.


Possible Partner Projects

The partner can provide human and material resources to meet identified needs. The partner can do such things as the following: tutor students, recognize student and staff achievement, act as mentors, offer speakers or judges for classes or special events, provide demonstrations and training, donate reusable equipment and materials, sponsor visits by performing artists, conduct health clinics, present career seminars, and serve on advisory committees. Although from time to time financial resources may be provided by the community partner for specific needs, the investment of human capital represents the primary value system of the program.

A school can feature its partners in newsletters or news releases, provide entertainment for events or student work for display, give complimentary tickets to school events, provide school facilities for meetings and recreation, lend print and nonprint materials and equipment, provide speakers for special programs, and conduct workshops or seminars for the community partner.


Glynn PIE is for anyone and everyone. Community partners can include the following: businesses and industries; governmental agencies; hospitals; civic, social, and fraternal groups; professional organizations; higher education; and individuals.

The community partner may be paired with one or more schools; a grade, class, or program within one or more schools; or a systemwide program.

Benefits Of Educational Partnership

Glynn PIE builds bridges of understanding and support between the schools and the community for their mutual benefit. As community and school partners work together, they learn of each other's operations, challenges, and successes.

Students' learning horizons are expanded, and they receive encouragement to stay in school and achieve.

Teachers and school staff perceive increased caring in organizations and people outside the schools. They also have opportunities to tap previously unknown but available resources.

Community partners are portrayed favorably for the community service they perform, and they gain satisfaction from successfully addressing educational problems.