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dr. charlie frazier

Greetings Sandpiper Family,


As the principal of Satilla Marsh Elementary and on behalf of the faculty/staff, where we are Preparing for a Better Tomorrow by being Better Today”, we believe that we must demonstrate, train, and prepare students not only to learn as much as they can while in school, but also life beyond school by showing students the connection between how the decisions they make in their current educational setting can equate to choices made in life.  We plan to foster an environment that will create habits of sound decision-making that will firmly stay with the student as they matriculate educationally through their middle school years, onto high school graduation, and beyond.  Students spend a great deal of time with administrators and teachers; therefore, we accept the responsibility to ensure that the students we serve are given the best we have to offer.  We believe this is done by showing students how to be successful in all aspects of life.


We welcome your participation and support during this school year as this year promises to be an exciting year, affording many opportunities to provide the highest quality educational experiences for our students.  Below are a few ways, but not limited to, you can help support your child and the school:


  • Review the SME Piper Creed with your child (attached below).
  • Join us for conferences.
  • Drop by and have lunch with your child. 
  • Familiarize yourself with our calendar and join us for special events.
  • Read to and with your child (R-15 Campaign). 
  • Help your child each day with homework and enrichment activities.


There are many things we can do for your child at school, but none are as important as your support, attention, and love. Our superintendent reminds us that “We are #StrongerGlynn: We expect students to Grow, Lead, and Excel!”  With this charge in mind and the collective efforts of all stakeholders, we will no doubt be Prepared for that Better Tomorrow; by starting today and challenging each student while ensuring academic success. SME is a place where we are “Cheerfully Helping to Inspire Resourceful Pipers” (CHIRP)! 



Best Regards,

Charlie L. Frazier Jr., Ph.D.

Satilla Marsh Elementary, Principal

SME Piper Creed 


I am a Satilla Marsh Student.

I am in school to learn.

I was born to grow, lead, and excel.

I know that I am important.

I am unique.

The most important thing is always doing my best.

I have the power to choose.

I am in charge of one life, my own.

Therefore, I accept sole responsibility for my behavior.

Today I choose to make a positive impact on my school,

my community, my state, my nation and my world. 

I am preparing for a better tomorrow by being better today,

because yesterday’s failures are behind me,

and today’s successes are before me.

This is my time! I am a Sandpiper! 


Adapted from Marva Collins Preparatory School